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FSC Wood

Looking for disposable or reusable plastic silverware? Use Bamblu's Green Party Cutlery instead! It is eco-friendly for everyday use or special events like your wedding, baby shower, or birthday party. Use our birch wood utensils instead of plastic disposable utensils that are filling our landfills! Want some color? Try our colorful PLA cutlery. Your choices are really beautiful, for you and our earth! Exactly what they are made of is provided on the product's page.

Many other companies that sell SOME compostable products lead you to believe, by default, that ALL of their products are eco-friendly.  If they are not giving you details, there is a reason. Be sure before you buy.

Looking for product for your catering or restaurant business? Call Vangie at 707-824-1809 to buy in bulk at further discounted prices.


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