2012 November 10-11 - San Francisco, CA
sf-sidetab.pngGreen Festival returned to San Francisco, held at the SF Concourse Exhibition Center. This was Bamblu's first public appearance in the green market! Booth #133.
Green Festival had hired Peter Schultze-Allen to monitor all food vendor supplies for their compostability (an environmental programs analyst for the City of Emeryville, Public Works Department.) Food vendors that had brought non-compostable serveware were made to buy new supplies at the festival. Bamblu was chosen to be the 'go-to' vendor for food vendors in need of truly compostable, eco-friendly products. Very flattering to Bamblu and we had brought cases of supplies to the event, just in case. We had a great time telling so many about our tapioca starch plates and bowls made right here in California!