Hindu Aarti Lamp Ceremony at Brooklyn Bridge Park, NY

The Aarti dance ceremony is joined by hundreds in memory of their lost family and friends and is a beautiful prayer for peaceful weather and safety for all. It will take place on Saturday, 8/6/2016 from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm at Main Street Park at Brooklyn Bridge Park. This project is made possible with support from NYSCA, Brooklyn Arts Council, Brooklyn Bridge Park and Bamblu.

Help Aeilushi Mistry bring peace and harmony to their shoreline as she performs the traditional Hindu Aarti Lamp Ceremony at the park. The floating boats with lighted candles are painted by attendees on areca palm leaf bowls by Bamblu. When Aeilushi contacted Bamblu for palm leaf bowls in early 2014, her passion and dedication to organizing and performing this beautiful ceremony was contagious. Bamblu has promised to donate these bowls annually. Beautiful images by Julienne Schaer. More at Friends & News.


Aeiluschi Mistry leads the ceremony.  Up to 500 palm leaf "boats" are painted.