Green Events and Noteworthy News is an archive of Bamblu's friends and related events.


2016 February 17-19
Bamblu is honored to be in the NEXTStore (Store of the Future) at the Grand Hyatt in Washington, DC! Visitors received free samples of Bamblu Palm Leaf Plates & Bowls and learn about the exemplary quality of our product thanks to Bill Lundberg, Conference Director/Managing Partner of Alliance Biofuels Conferences, LLC and, thanks to Kate Lewis, Deputy Manager of the USDA BioPreferred Program.

Bamblu palm leaf tableware new label design.


2016 January - Bamblu Brand Gets a New Look

When you see Bamblu's Panda, expect only the best in quality, consistency and service.


2015 September 25 - Press Release by USDA for Bamblu LLC
Bamblu LLC earned the USDA Certified Biobased Product Label for its collection of palm leaf tableware, previously marketed under the brand name "Arthware" by previous owner, Pulma LLC.

Bamblu palm leaf bowl for Hindu lamp ceremony2015 August 1 - Brooklyn Bridge Park, NY
The 2015 Aarti ceremony will take place on Saturday, 8/1/2015 from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm at Main Street Park at Brooklyn Bridge Park. This project is made possible with support from NYSCA, Brooklyn Arts Council, Brooklyn Bridge Park and Bamblu.

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earth-day-2015.jpg2015 April 19 - Sebastopol, CA
Earth Day celebration by Iron Horse Winery. Iron Horse Founders Audrey and Barry Sterling celebrated Earth Day with guests that included keynote speakers Gov. Jerry Brown and Kevin Jorgenson. Jorgenson climbed the 3,000 foot Dawn Wall of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park, California. They also showed a video of the Dawn Wall ascent (by Jerry Dodrill.)
Desserts were by Patisserie Angelica in Sebastopol, CA. The special half-dome shaped cake was served on Arthware palm leaf desert plates.
Guest Chefs were Daniel Kedan and Marianna Gardenhire of Backyard in Forestville, CA.
Live music was by Lonesome Locomotive.
(Net proceeds benefited The B-Rad Foundation, a memorial fund set up for the late Sebastopol rock climber Brad Parker.)


2014 August - Brooklyn Bridge Park, NY
Aeiluschi Mistry annually performs the Hindu Aarti Lamp Ceremony in August at Main Street Park at Brooklyn Bridge Park. This project is made possible with support from NYSCA, Brooklyn Arts Council, Brooklyn Bridge Park and Bamblu. This was the first year that Bamblu provided the palm leaf bowls needed for their ceremonial lamps.


2014 July 14 - Fresno, CA
Mid Valley Disposal had a display and free samples of Bamblu's compostable products at the 2014 Fresno Food Expo. Click the link to learn more about Mid Valley Disposal and their program to recycle food waste and other organic waste into compost. All businesses in their area or elsewhere may be interested in learning about their Commercial Food Waste & Organics Recycling Program. This program makes it easy for businesses to reduce the amount of trash going to landfills by recycling food waste and other organics, all while saving money on their trash bill!


2012 November 10 & 11 - San Francisco, CA.  see more...  The Green Festival returned to San Francisco, held at the SF Concourse Exhibition Center. This was Bamblu's first public appearance in the green market! Booth #133. Food vendors that had been deceived by suppliers with non-compostable products were made to buy new supplies at the festival. Bamblu was the 'go-to' vendor for food vendors in need of truly compostable, eco-friendly products. Green Festival had hired Peter Schultze-Allen to monitor all food vendor supplies for their compostability (an environmental programs analyst for the City of Emeryville, Public Works Department.) Very flattering to Bamblu and we had brought cases of supplies to the event, just in case. We had a great time!