Bamblu halloween skeleton sheriff Amazon copycat listings also known as leech scams or ASIN (product ID) piggybacking can pose a major threat to sales, brand and seller reputation. These copycat listings not only compete with Bamblu and our legitimate vendors, but can also be detrimental to our brand. Bamblu palm leaf tableware earned the USDA Certified Biobased Product Label for a reason. Remember, areca palm leaves are a PLANT by-product.

What happened with Amazon:

  • These scammers, hijackers, piggybackers, claimed they had our Bamblu product during the years we sold to Amazon warehouses - they attached, leeched, onto Bamblu listings.
  • Months ago, Amazon returned all product from their warehouses to Bamblu, per their policy.
  • Since Bamblu left Amazon, the hijackers/piggybackers have lowered their prices. 
  • The copycats take advantage of Amazon's two week payment delay and pocket the profits before customers ask for a refund 3-4 weeks later when the product still hasn't arrived.
  • Or, if an order arrives, it would not have Bamblu's labeling with unique UPC code and USDA label.

On Ebay:

  • The hijacker is copying from Amazon or Bamblu's website and sells at a far lower price.
  • They sell a counterfeit version or don't have the product at all.
  • If an order arrives, it would not have Bamblu's label with unique UPC code and USDA label.

BAMBLU LEFT AMAZON last June 2018 because of the piggybacking issue and Amazon's unwillingness to remove Bamblu's ASIN's from their website. Amazon states "they are being used by other vendors." Yes, by the piggybackers.

Amazon requires that we purchase from the piggybackers so we can prove they are selling fake Bamblu.

Amazon's latest new gimmick:
AMZAlert will help a vendor defend their business from copycats, for a fee of only 1% to 2% of your gross sales on Amazon. 

PAYABILITY, a software company, offered a discount to Bamblu via email for $20 off at checkout for "Amazon Copycat Listings: How to Protect Your Store and Your Profits". 

Bamblu wants You to be aware that since we began in 2011, we have never made it possible for any vendor other than Bamblu to sell on Amazon and Ebay. They are simply - fakes. This is true for MANY brands so tell your friends to beware!

~  Vangie Pullins
Co-Owner and Founder of Bamblu