Before Bamblu was born, its founder Vangie Pullins had merely an idea or wish that everyone could purchase small and affordable quantities of disposable good for our earth tableware instead of plastics, styrofoam, wax coated paper or toxic ink designs on plates and cups. That was always a problem, compostable tableware costs more and there were limited sources - then.

With the economy deep in recession in 2007, many were looking for another way to make a living, including Vangie and Lyndon Pullins. In late 2009, a business associate suggested they start a compostable tableware business and offer a product she had (almost literally) 'unearthed' in Southern California, tapioca starch and bamboo tableware by Blueware®. Later that year she suggested the same idea to a couple of women on the East coast, hoping for a ‘child’ on both coasts to distribute for her.

Vangie and Lyndon hosting Venus and Cupid Reception in 2007.As is often said, timing is everything. The Pullins were about to close their five thousand square foot fine art gallery but move their stained glass store and studio at the same location, to nearby Rohnert Park. So the tableware business became a project to work on in Vangie’s spare time. They hesitated while the East coast child did not. When the Pullins next moved their home from Petaluma to Sebastopol they discovered what eco-conscious living should be like. If Sonoma County were described as an embodiment of Northern California’s ecological being, then Sebastopol may well be described as the heart with a combination of farmers, bohemians, artists and entrepreneurs about 55 minutes North West of San Francisco in the heart of the wine country. Bamblu was finally born that year, 2011, and in early 2013 the Pullins moved their store and Bamblu to Sebastopol, too. That’s when everything really began to change. Welcome to Sebastopol sign

In the beginning, everything Bamblu offered was purchased from domestic distributors and Bamblu's star product was the tapioca starch and bamboo tableware. Bamblu’s logo was a panda eating one of those blue plates, but Bamblu needed a new product of its own. Late in 2013 an established palm leaf tableware business offered their Arthware brand to Vangie. With a silent partner, Pulma LLC was formed to manufacture and distribute palm leaf tableware. They purchased the Arthware brand of palm leaf tableware and for the next two years, Bamblu was its primary reseller.

2015 was a very busy year. One huge change was Bamblu became a manufacturer and wholesale distributor of Bamblu Palm Leaf Plates, a USDA Certified Biobased product (previously Arthware), and Bamblu Green Party Cutlery. The other huge change was Bamblu added a partner, Brandon Jones from the Bay Area. Younger and very passionate about eco-safe products, he brought new inspiration, experiences and associations to Bamblu.

bamblu-lspa-10-4inch-label-with-bleed.jpgNow in 2016, Bamblu Panda is still eating a plate (because he likes to eat!) but it is a blue-green color, simply symbolic of any type of compostable material. Bamblu LLC is and always has been employee owned and operated. Bamblu’s partners, Vangie and Lyndon Pullins, and Brandon Jones were all born in California and are artists that not only care, they are trying to make a difference through Bamblu. They hope their efforts, though small by comparison to many, are helping in the evolution of eco-safe products and that someday disposable tableware will be mostly or only earth-friendly tableware - the norm rather than the exception.
From Earth to Table and Back!

Thank you for reading about us. ~ Vangie, Lyndon & Brandon

This website is for wholesale to the trade, and continues to provide small quantities at affordable prices to consumers. Bamblu encourages you to buy your Bamblu tableware through their vendors. Here is a link to Where To Buy Bamblu palm leaf tableware, a page on this website.

Bamblu’s Order and Pick Up counter is inside the Pullins’ stained glass store. Different, but fits well with Sebastopol’s blend of artists, farmers and eco-consciousness citizens. If you want to pick up your orders, view or pickup samples and consult with Vangie about which items would be best for your needs, you are welcome to call 707-824-1809 and schedule that.