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Love the Bamblu product for the Price
Posted by Fritz, Thomasville, GA
love the dealing with the Bamblu people
Link to 10" Round Palm Leaf Plates

Great sample cups!
Posted by Jenni,
I use these cups for my tea business to hand out samples to customers. They're perfect size, and I like that they're biodegradable since I go through so many a day. My customers really like the eco-friendly touch as well.
I ordered online and the shipping was fast and easy!
Link to 2 ounce Bagasse Sample Cups

LOVE these plates  
posted by Courtney Butterworth,
We are having a barn wedding in June with a BBQ and I cannot WAIT to order these plates. I loved the ones I ordered. Very durable and rustic looking. GREAT product!
Link to 10" Round Palm Leaf Plates

plates were awesome! 
Posted by Elizabeth Larson, Pasadena, CA
The wedding was great and the plates were awesome! Got lots of compliments and impressed by how sturdy they are.  Thank you!
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10" Round Palm Leaf Plates

great design and eco quality
Posted by Katja
Plates are naturally looking, have a nice and clean design and are better priced than when you buy them in smaller quantities at other stores.
The plates composted themselves in our green bin very quickly, so they are definitely worth the purchase if you care about environment.
Link to 10" Square Palm Leaf Plates

"What are these made of? They're beautiful!"
Posted by Bacio Catering, Chico, CA
That's what we heard all night at the wedding we just catered. We've purchased bamboo and other palm plates before, but this product is by far the best. Not at all "warpy" like many of the palm out there and not nearly the cost of bamboo. We'll be adding these to our customer selection for sure.
Link to 10" Round Palm Leaf Plates
Link to 6" Square Palm Leaf Plates

Cups received for City of Palo Alto

Posted by Rebecca, Palo Alto, CA
We received the cups yesterday. They probably arrived on the 7th and were delivered to me yesterday.
They are great & Thanks again for the speedy delivery.
Link to 4 oz hot cups

they are perfect
Posted by Denise ~ Amy's Kitchen, Petaluma, CA
Thanks so much for bringing by the little bowls! They are perfect for our up coming event!
Link to 4" Palm Leaf Bowls

Posted by Robin
Great products!
Link to Bamblu Green Party Cutlery