bamblu-bagasse-white-plates-sugarcane-plates.jpgbamblu-clamshell-img-0297.jpgBamblu's bagasse is uncoated bagasse, disposable compostable foodservice tableware such as plates, cups, bowls, fruit bowls and other items used to serve meals, including hinged concession food containers and retail packaged plates. These molded pulp fiber products are made from bagasse (BUH-gas), the fibrous byproduct from crushed sugarcane stalks after they are crushed in refineries to extract juice. Bagasse is pre-consumer recycled bio-based material, it is tree free, 100% renewable, and compostable. It may be used for both cold and hot items and all are designed to disintegrate and biodegrade quickly and safely, when composted in a professionally managed facility.

Product Basics
•              Tree Free!
•              100% renewable and sustainable.
•              Enjoy an indoor shelf life of many years.
•              Microwave and freezer safe. Not designed for oven use.
•              Heat tolerance up to 200 Fahrenheit.
•              Use for all food types including liquids.
•              May be used for both hot and cold food.
•              May be disposed of in the paper recycling stream.
•              Compostable and biodegradable.
•              Biodegrades within 50 days in a commercial facility.
•              SGS Certified compostable and FDA food safe.
•              ASTM 6400 approved
•              Compliant with all US food safety guidelines, no chemical or toxic substance.
•              Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) certified base material.
•              Compliant with all United States food safety guidelines, no chemical or toxic substances.
•              Pre-consumer recycled as sugarcane pulp is normally a waste material that is burned.

Bagasse is manufactured in China or Taiwan. Some U.S. companies manufacture bagasse and repackage in the U.S. Bamblu offers only the best quality, with a minimum of all of the certifications listed above.

Product Availability
•              Inventory is warehoused in Santa Rosa, California.

•              Order by phone or through this site. Many orders may be picked up at our pick up counter in Sebastopol, CA.
Ships in 1 to 2 business days.

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