Bamblu's offers you Tapioca Starch and Bamboo Tableware, a high performance, ultra earth friendly, disposable, compostable, and colorful dinnerware invented and made in the United States. Here is our color chart which may assist you in selecting a color.

One hundred percent natural, they are made primarily from tapioca starch and lesser amounts of bamboo fibers and grass fibers. These plants are harvestable without killing the plants, so the supply is annually renewable with minimal to almost no impact on the natural life cycles of our planet. The plant starch is baked into rigid shapes similar to the process of making waffles or ice cream cones. Aside from sustainability, tapioca was also chosen due to its allergen-free nature. The manufacturing process of these colorful dinnerware products is totally clean! Harsh chemicals and plastics are not needed or used. The only byproduct of the manufacturing process is steam.  This tapioca starch and bamboo tableware is so eco-friendly that it's inventor uses pieces as chew toys for his dog.

This product line is naturally compostable and garbage disposal safe, they biodegrade completely in 40 days outdoors (depending on precipitation conditions) on their own, or biodegrade in 10 days in a commercial compost environment. For towns and cities that do not yet have composting facilities, tapioca starch dinnerware may also be disposed of in paper recycling streams.

Product Basics
•              GMO Free.

•              Made in California, U.S.A.

•              100% natural, renewable and sustainable.

•              Compostable, biodegradable, and salt marine-biodegradable.

•              Freezer to oven tolerance from minus 30 to 420 Fahrenheit.

•              Use for all food types including liquids - perfect for ice cream or soup!

•              Freezer friendly and safe for use in both microwaves and ovens up to 420°F.

•              Exceptional insulating performance, dinnerware may be used for both hot and cold food.

•              Enjoy an indoor shelf life of many years.

•              May be disposed of in the paper recycling stream.

•              Biodegrades in 10 days in a commercial compost environment.

•              100% biodegraded in 40 days or less in average (moisture & temperature) outdoor environment.

•              Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) certified base material.

•              Compliant with all United States food safety guidelines, no chemical or toxic substances.

•              Certified by the US Army Natick Soldier Research Development and Engineering Center to be Marine Degradable with no toxicity.

Product Availability
•              Inventory is warehoused in Santa Rosa, California.

•              Order by phone or through this site. Many orders may be picked up at our pick up counter in Sebastopol, CA. Call to schedule.
Ships in 1 to 2 business days.

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