Blueware® Compostable Disposable Starch & Bamboo Round Bowls - 12 oz.
Bamblu offers you Blueware®,
compostable bowls,
 invented and made right here in California, U.S.A. These environmentally responsible high performance starch based tableware are sturdy and durable and are made of tapioca starch, bamboo and grass fibers. They are GMO free and allergen free. So much to tell you about this amazing and beautiful product, please read our Specs for details. Renewable, Sustainable, Compostable, Biodegradable. Freezer and oven friendly, even use in the microwave, if you use one.
  See our color reference chart to assist you here.

Our compostable tableware is especially cool for parties, special events, and weddings. Not only do they compost quickly, they are beautiful. Not only beautiful, they are very chic! This dinnerware has been featured by Martha Stewart Weddings, Whole Living by Martha Stewart and HGTV Magazine, and named by Inhabitat as one of the top green products of 2012.

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