We have many good reasons to share with You.Areca palm leaves waiting to be made into Bamblu plates!

• Bamblu has three (3) ten inch dinner plate styles, most competitors do not.
• Bamblu has a ten (10) inch deep square plate with CORRECT embossing, most do not.
• Bamblu can put your custom logo on palm leaf plates.
• Bamblu is not dependent on a domestic supplier source - we are manufacturers of Bamblu brand, and factory is contracted as exclusive to Bamblu in the United States territories, including all international corporate clients with U.S. headquarters (such as W.W. Grainger.)
• Bamblu has complete control of inventory.
• Bamblu’s exclusive supplier is an ISO Certified factory, one of only three certified factories in their region, perhaps in India, at this writing.
• Bamblu’s exclusive supplier has a contracted farming region dedicated to harvesting only the best fallen leaves.
• Bamblu’s exclusive supplier is driven to provide the best quality, consistent quality, knowing many Indian suppliers are constantly trying to take their place with Bamblu.
• Most domestic palm leaf competitors are re-branding multiple supplier sources, making consistent workmanship and material quality impossible for their line.
• Shipping time from India to U.S. is the same for all palm leaf companies.
• Bamblu’s smaller business has faster order turnaround than most competitors, ship next day or within 1 to 3 days, depends on size of order.
• Bamblu's small, family owned and operated business is in the best position to provide personal attention to all operations, from inspection of inventory prior to shipping, to individual needs of a customer.
• Personal attention includes availability via cell phone, text messaging.
• Large competitors may out-source customer service and order fulfillment - personal attention to detail is lost.
• Bamblu provides a human face and physical location in the United States unlike many competitors owned by foreign companies with domestic warehouses, personal attention is lost.
• Our palm leaf plates were the first of three in the U.S. to receive the USDA Certified Biobased Product label in July 2012. Bamblu participated in a green industry NextStore exhibit in Washington, D.C. in February 2016, invited by the USDA.
• Bamblu has an active account with an electronic data interface (EDI) company, when needed for reseller accounts, since 2012.
• Bamblu is the only palm leaf manufacturer that provides free consultation and free samples to customers.
• Bamblu has a local pick up counter for small orders (under 20 cases.)

Updated May 24, 2016 Vangie Pullins, Founder

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